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Real-life stories of ordinary people putting in extraordinary efforts in simple things motivates me. I hope to learn from the endeavours of others. And I update my own endeavours on Instagram (wktanwilliam) and Facebook (William WK Tan). The blog is where I delve more into topics that require more discussion. Contact me at my IG and FB you if you think we share similar values and interests.

068 Thanks Dad, You’re The Best!

A month had passed since my family returned from a memorable 8-day-vacation to Kyushu, Japan. From the pictures, you can tell how much I enjoyed the places I visited. We travelled with two other families of my wife’s siblings this time. There were eleven of us –two teenagers, […]

067 A Blog Hiatus

I have decided to take a break. A brief hiatus of two weeks from everything I usually do, including blogging. It’s a month of school holidays for the children in June. And it’s also a time for the family to spend time doing something different. Finally, after nearly […]

065 Time to Clean Up Our Act

A Boy Who Thinks Cleaning Is Somebody Else’s Job  One Sunday, a ten-year-old boy interrupted the swim coach, SC, who was giving my son Kyan individual coaching. “Yucks!  Coach, there is tissue paper in the water over there.” The coach replied,  “So, what are you going to do about it?” “I don’t know. It’s […]