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Real-life stories of ordinary people putting in extraordinary efforts in simple things motivates me. I hope to learn from the endeavours of others. And I update my own endeavours on Instagram (wktanwilliam) and Facebook (William WK Tan). The blog is where I delve more into topics that require more discussion. Contact me at my IG and FB you if you think we share similar values and interests.

040 The Joy Of Work Struggles

Is Your Work Enjoyable Enough That Struggles Become Learning Opportunities? I am now penning down my thoughts on a return flight from a neighbouring country. After five consecutive days of hectic work, I can feel lethargy slipping into my bones the moment I sit down in the plane. […]

039 Enjoy Your Rides

Throughout my adulthood, I have an on-and-off love affair with bicycles. I fell in and out of love with cycling more times than all the romantic relationships I had. (sighs and laughs). Rekindled Love Once again, that love was rekindled recently, after a lapse of a more than […]